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About Us

FOUR TWENTY THREE started with the realization of a shared birthday and the idea that stars align.

At FOUR TWENTY THREE we aim to capture the energy of living in the moment and the simple beauties in life in a way that distills out the unnecessary, to produce jewelry that is stunning, alive, and without distractions.

Our collection is made exclusively with 14k gold, diamonds, and unique stones with longevity and quality in mind. 


It started with a tiny evil eye in a bay window.  From that point on, the obsession for minimalist jewelry began and Ann started working at She's Unique, owned and operated by Katya since 2012.  Saturday shifts soon lead to buying trips in New York, and dreams beyond soon began popping into conversations.

Behind Katya's ten years of experience and Ann's instinctual approach to buying, both have a keen eye for trends that push the boundary of the definition of trendiness - jewelry is metal and stone and meant to last.  Trends are not.

In 2020, Ann and Katya set out to establish a fine jewelry line that encompasses the perfect blend of minimalist designs and significant pieces destined to be an heirloom.  After a year-long journey (during a global pandemic), they are proud to finally share this passion project.


"FOUR TWENTY THREE is a dream for us.  Every piece is obsessed over, whether it's fully designed by us or a must-have look we've curated into the line because it just fits, the attention and love is in there.  We hope you love the collection as much as we do, thanks for supporting us."

- Ann and Katya