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Jewelry Care


Four Twenty Three jewelry is handcrafted and therefore delicate by nature.  Please handle each piece with care to ensure it lasts a lifetime.  Below are tips and instructions on how to keep your jewelry in tip top condition.

• Avoid wearing your jewelry while exercising or doing vigorous physical activities. Gold is a soft metal, which means it is susceptible to scratches and dings.  You also should avoid wearing your jewelry while using any harsh chemicals as they can wear at the shine and luster of your piece.

• Do not wear your jewelry into a pool or spa. Chlorine is very damaging to gold jewelry and can lead to your jewelry breaking with repeated exposure. Also, wearing jewelry while you shower/bathe can lead to buildup of soap which leaves a film on your stones and gold.

• Put jewelry on last.  Makeup, perfume, hair products, and lotions can damage your gold. It is best to put these on before your jewelry to limit exposure.

• Do not sleep in your jewelry.  If you toss and turn, wearing your jewelry to bed may put unnecessary pressure on your pieces and cause damage over time.

• Store pieces in a clean, dry, fabric-lined jewelry box, or keep it safe in the box/pouch your item arrives in. It is best to store items separately or in a designated area to keep them from scratching or tangling.


Our collections consist of 14-karat gold and can be cleaned with a polishing cloth or warm, soapy water and a soft toothbrush. We recommend a foaming jewelry cleaner because it's gentle and safe to use on delicate gemstones. 

Most of the stones we use are natural gemstones and therefore may vary in shape, size, & color. Inclusions can be seen in natural stones and are a part of their beauty. Most gemstones cannot stand the force of cleaning agents or ultrasonic cleaners. 

White Diamonds

Diamonds can be cleaned safely with a lint-free cloth, soap & water, jewelry cleaning solutions, and/or ultrasonic cleaners.  Harsher cleaning methods are not recommended for home use.


Other Gemstones (opal, ruby, emerald, sapphire, etc.)

Keep gemstones away from high heat, chemicals, oils, perfumes, and household cleaners. Clean your gemstones using warm, sudsy water, and dry them immediately with a soft cloth. Avoid using commercial jewelry cleansers, steam, or ultrasonic cleaners.

Earring Posts

Our earring posts are made of 14 karat gold, but exposure to external chemicals, such as makeup, perfume, hair products, and lotions, for long periods of time can damage gold.  This also includes the body's natural oils.  We recommend periodically polishing or cleaning them after long periods of wear.  Discoloration on your earring posts does not mean your earrings are defective, and you can continue to wear them safely without worry about further damage.